Math Riddles - Printable Math Worksheet -Brain Teaser

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Witness mathmagic! Solve the math riddles book, decode the answer options and get the final results.Teachers and Students, tease your brain,have fun,solve these math worksheets.Print off these tricky logic puzzles.Multiply Fractions or divide decimals,practice addition,subtraction,multiplication while decoding the secrets of the riddles.

There are many riddle me worksheets and pizzazz riddle (algebra related) available online.But none of them will entice people from all age group.There aren't many teaser available online which will appeal to the kindergarten-er as well as to the 2nd grader as well as to a grown up adult.Not one riddle worksheet available online will blend challenge with humor as well as the riddle book I am going to discuss in this post.This riddle worksheet will make you think hard to decode the key to answer whereas occasionally making you laugh out loud with the answer itself.

This mathematical riddle worksheet will help your kid with his English curriculum if he practices the word problem it contains.Besides he will get lot of fun and pleasure out of it.So its a win-win situation for you.Not only this, people from all age group may try to decode the challenging riddles and mazes.It will sharpen their problem solving skills.Another benefit is that this riddle workbook is printable, so you can print off and practice as much as you like.There aren't many interactive puzzles better than this one.I have tried many puzzles but haven't come across any math problem solving worksheets which can beat this one.

This is a collection of two book viz. Maths Riddle Book and Secret Code Book.When you complete this riddle workbook you will master all the basic math skills as well as some complex ones too.You (or your kid) will be expert in stuffs like multiplication basics, long division, rounding numbers, place value,mental addition and subtraction etc.

Download this math riddle workbook and have fun while you learn.


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