Math Riddles - Decode Brain Teasers Workbook Puzzles

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Answer the teasers in worksheet.Solve maths problems alongwith teachers for fun.Even parents are free to try these math riddles and compete with their kid.It has been well researched fact that solving puzzles(even it be algebra riddle) sharpen the skills of kids and is one of the best way to learn math.

Get yourself a copy of The Math Riddle Book which contains various riddles for you to get your head round.After playing this game you will improve your place value skills,long division skills and much more.
Beside with this book you are also going to get Secret Code Math, which you are going to find interesting and challenging as well.This worksheet is designed for teachers as well as homeschool parents who can use it to teach student/kids and at the same time increase their reasoning skills.

If you want to read more about math riddles then you can check this out.

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