Dice Games, Facts Card- Play Fun Mental Math Activities

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Based upon a research practicing with math games(using dice,fact cards, multiplication activities,time table drills etc.) increases strategic thinking skills of children.And that's a 'fact' too. So let the scoring dice roll with each turn.Playing fast and fun dice games with two or more players improve kids ability to perform addition,subtraction,multiplication mentally.Engaging in such activities is of primary importance for your kid.So if you want quick improvement in your child's computational ability, make him play more games.This practical idea is the magical success equation you have been looking for all this time.No other idea will work as great as this one.I have always maintained that game based learning is the future of educational system.

The dice game which I am going to discuss about is pretty well suited to teach basic math functions like addition,subtraction,multiplication,division.This game does a great work in retaining focus of your kid.Distraction is one of the major problems with kids as they can't stay focused long enough.And this problem can be best solved through games, as games are interesting, it helps kids focus on it without applying any real effort on their part.This eventually helps them increase their concentration levels.

Though I first bought it for my kids to play at home but the game is designed in such a way that it can be played in the classroom(in a group) as well.In fact if you are looking for a good mental math game for the classroom then I would recommend you to try this dice game.The one thing which stands out about this game is that it doesn't assume the skill level of the player..If you are a regular to this blog then you must have read my post where I have discussed about choosing the right game for your kid.Anyways you can read it here.I always prefer games that are flexible enough to adapt themselves to the skill level of the player.And this is one such game.This game has two versions, the shorter one and the not-so-shorter one.So if you are a working parent and do not have ample time to play it with your kid, you can choose the shorter version which can be completed in a short period of time.

There are many benefits that your kids can derive from this dice game but I would just say that if you are looking for an educational game which teaches basic maths stuffs (like addition,subtraction,multiplication,addition) to your kid without them even realizing it, then this is the perfect game for your needs.

So go ahead and order this game for your kid.


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