Math Games For 4th Grade Kids - Which Is The Most Suitable One?

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NOTE: The post below has been written after experimenting with various maths games for fourth grade kids.The math game discussed in the post has been found to be the best of the lot.The post reflects the personal opinion of the author.

Maths is a life skill.We understand it but our naughty little devils don't.The problem which most of the parents face while trying to teach numbers to their kids is that the kids do not seem interested in learning maths.Some of them simply hates math.Its common to find them throwing temper tantrum when its time to do any math.They outright resist any advances made to teach them anything remotely maths.They exclaim "Maths is so boring!"."Boring, Right!" This is where the real problem lies.Maths (or rather any other subject) appears boring only because it is not being taught in the right manner.The solution is to "go with the flow".Let me clarify this one.But before that lets first answer this question.What is that one thing which every kid enjoys! The answer is simple, playing games.And this is where the solution lies.Why not mix and mash the so called "boring maths" with all fun "computer games".And this idea has indeed worked like a charm for most parents.Kids do not generate resistance to playing games of any kind, because  games are both interesting and motivating.And this very fact that kids enjoy playing computer games, we as parents can make it to work in our favor by teaching them maths through computer games.

But are all math games created equal?.The answer is No.I am saying this because I have experimented with quite a few math games myself.The problem with most of the math games is that the game assumes that the kid playing it possesses a certain specific level of intelligence/understanding and is well versed with the basics of math.But this isn't the case always.Each of our kids are blessed with unique level of intelligence and understanding and develops cognitive abilities at a different rate i.e. the growth of each child happens at a different rate.So to assume that all the players of a game have a specific level of understanding of the subject is highly misleading and renders the game useless.But as I said before, not all math games are created equal, there are a few math games which are different and Math Rider is one of them.This is one math game which stands head and shoulders above all other math games I have come across.Now what makes Math Rider so different from other math games? The difference lies in the fact that the game adapts to the intelligence level of the player playing it.Every single response (or non-response) is stored in an internal database and statistically analysed by the software(i.e. the game itself). In this way the game is able to custom-tailor to each player, and next questions are asked accordingly.The game targets areas of weakness and rehearses the player in the least mastered computation.So simply speaking Math Rider is a very intelligent math game.

I would suggest you to download the FREE 7-day fully featured trial of this game just to get the feel of it.I am sure that your kids will love it.The first thing which you will notice about this game is its simple and elegant interface.Your kid do not need to spend hours understanding the basic gameplay. The story blip at the beginning of each level makes everything very clear and sets your kid up for an interesting ride.I think it will be particularly attractive to girls, as there is something whimsical about the graphics and story line.When I looked at comparable math games, they seemed rather aggressive “shoot em up” style and contained themes of horror and destruction that some parents would object to. But as I said before Math Rider is different.The game will set its player on a quest to save a princess.The storyline is enthralling.

The game covers the key to a solid maths foundation.It covers all mathematical operation e.g. addition, subtraction division and multiplication.Besides, the game generates extensive visual charts and statistics which will enable you to closely monitor the improvement of your child.With this chart at your disposal you can easily pin-point areas of weakness where additional help may be needed.You will know when your child has completely mastered an operation.This game builds confidence and propels children naturally towards complete mastery.

Check it out yourself by downloading the free fully featured trial of Maths Rider here.

Oh yes, and did I mention that Maths Rider supports multiple players, so all children in your family will benefit.They can compete with each other (just like other multiplayer games), play the quests together and then compare each other scores.

I bet your kids are going to love this game.

So grab a trial copy of the game below and witness your kids fall in love with Maths.


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