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If you want to buy maths counters then you can buy it from amazon.Amazon has got a wide range of maths counters available at a discounted price.The reason being that Amazon provides free shipping on all products in office supplies category.So if you ever wish to buy maths counters you can easily get it delivered to your home via Amazon.

I have reviewed some of the best selling maths counters on Amazon which will be a smart buy for you.The products are listed below:

Learning Resources Two-Color Counters, Set of 200

  1. Red and yellow 1" plastic counter    
  2. Terrific for modeling math concepts
  3. Set of 200
Price: $8.99

Some Customer Reviews:

These counters are sturdy and met my expectations. I plan to order another set!
I bought multiple packs of these to teach math students how to add and subtract with negative numbers. The are made by having two plastic discs glued together to allow one side to be read and the other yellow. Red was used to represent a negative number and yellow a positive.
PROS:- plastic and stay clean- priced okay
CONS:- since they are glued some kids unfortunately want to see if they can separate the two pieces which of course is possible
Great for math classes of any age. Great tool for showing comprehension of math concepts with kids of all ages.  

Baby Bear Counters (102 ct.)                            

  •  Each set packaged in storage bucket
  • Activity Guide
  • 102 Pieces
Price: $11.69

Some Customer Reviews

We used these for Kindergarten & 1st grade counters. The bears work perfectly & the kids love them. The colors are very vibrant and they are not too small. Thanks

This product help my son learn how to count and they were use full for math problems he needed help in.

These bears are perfect for preschoolers who don't put things in their mouths. Sorting by colors, making a rainbow of bears, and counting activities all make these educational. Kids will also enjoy being their favorite color ad playing with them with blocks to make houses, etc. 

Learning Resources Minimotors Counters (72-Pieces)


  •     Includes storage bucket
  •     Soft rubber vehicle counters in 6 colors
  •     Size: 1 1/2"-2" inches long
  •     Set of 72 counters

Price: $15.55

Some Customer Reviews:

This exceeded my expectations. They are very detailed shapes. I bought them for a friend's son and now I have to buy some for my daughter because she really liked them. would definitely recommend this product.
My three old got a hold of some counters at a friend of mine's who used to be a teacher and loved them. He loves to play with little objects. I thought this would be a great way to start teaching him to count and for him to also have something fun to play with. 
Originally I bought this as table decorations for my toddler son's birthday party. The kids had so much fun playing with them while waiting for food. The counters are made of a rubber like material, so they are nice and soft but easy for small hands to hold. Now that the party is long over, my son still likes to play with them. 
Learning Advantage 1-Inch 4 Color Transparent Counters - Pack of 250

  • Set of 250
  • Transparent counters in 4 colors
  • Perfect for overhead projectors
Price: $5.73

Some Customer Reviews
This is a great teaching tool in the math classroom. My students love to use these for many different games we play in stations.

Bought these two use for counters in Magic/D&D. Turns out they come in a bag, with 5 of a single color attached in a row. They can be twisted or cut apart, but each will have a large, razor sharp plastic barb attached to it. Unless you have a belt sander and about 30 minutes to spare, I would just spend the few extra $'sto get a better quality item. I went to the store that markets to your immediate biological relatives for 100 cents and got several bags of polished glass stones in various colors for $1 a pound.

These counters feel very nice and seem very well made. However, my obsessive compulsiveness was saddened to see that the distribution among the colors was very uneven.

Carson-Dellosa Thinking Kids' Math Aquatic Animal Counters


  • Create interactive lessons and center activities
  • Includes 72 colorful aquatic counters
  • Comes in 6 different shapes and 6 different colors
Price: $19.99

Product Description

The Thinking Kids'® Math Aquatic Animal Counters are a perfect way to bring hands-on learning in the classroom while supporting the Common Core State Standards for math. Perfect for all your counting and sorting activities, this set of 72 colorful aquatic counters come in 6 different shapes and 6 different colors. 


  • 1 tub containing 200 counters
  • Counters approximately 1"
  • 40 Each of 5 different colors
  • Reusable plastic storage tub with screw-top lid
  • Teach counting, sorting, hand-eye coordination
Price: $10.99

Some Customer Reviews:

These counters are perfect for any basic addition/subtraction practice. They are also good for sorting colors. They are sturdy plastic, nicely sized (not small like some bingo chips), and the color does not rub off. 

I use my original version as a guide to make a magic trick to give away. I use double stick adhesive foam tape to attach one color to another, then include instructions on how to work the trick.

I've used these for a myriad of small classroom activities... they're useful to have around, especially for math in the lower grades. The container is nice and compact and everything arrived in good condition :)


  • 1 tub containing 100 counters
  • Counters approximately 1"
  • 5 Critters: bears, dogs, cats, alligators and turtles
  • Reusable plastic storage tub with screw-top lid
  • Teach counting, sorting, hand-eye coordination
Price: $10.99

Some Customer Reviews

Our 2.5 & 3.5 year old grand children love these. They sort them by colors, by animals and count them. Endless ways to play with them.

We homeschool our children and these counters have been a fun addition to our learning for teaching adding and subtraction and also for sorting games for my toddler.

For some reason, I thought the individual toys would be larger in size (my mistake - I should have read the description closer). There is a larger set of these toys that contains larger animals (primarily bears) and smaller animals. This tub contains 100 of the smaller animals. Although we bought this for our 3-year-old, our 5-year-old enjoys it as well. This is a great educational toy. Each of the animals is made of durable quality plastic. The molds aren't "cheap" like some products like these that have the edges of the mold showing. This is a nice product and the kids love it.
ETA hand2mind, ManipuLite (Foam) Two-Color Counters Classroom Basics Kit, (42834) 

  • Kit contains 1,000 foam (ManipuLite) two-color counters
  • Counters have a 1" diameter
  • Kit also includes an overhead set and a virtual manipulative
  • Everything is packaged in a storage container
Price: $39.95

Product Description

Two-color counters are excellent for sorting, counting, and probability activities. This kit includes 1,000 two-color ManipuLite (foam) counters (1" diameter), an overhead two-color counters set (50 pieces), and a virtual manipuative. Counters are red on one side and yellow on the other. Kit is packaged in a Versatote storage tub.

Educational products, manipulatives, and kits incorporate applied math and science principles into classroom and homeschool-based projects. Teachers in pre-K, elementary, and secondary classrooms use educational kits, products, and manipulatives alongside math, science, literacy, and STEM curriculum to demonstrate concepts and real-world applications through hands-on activities. 

  • Red and white plastic counters are terrific for modeling math concepts and learning to count
  • For grades kindergarten to 6th
  • Set of 200 counters
  • Manufacturer's Suggested Age: 5 Years and Up
  • Number of Pieces: 200
Price: $10.14

Some Customer Reviews

 These counters will be a great addition to my math centers. I'm sure my second graders will get a lot of use from them when the are learning addition and subtraction. 
 Learning Resources Bug Counters (Set of 72)

  • These colorful creepy, crawly counters turn learning early math concepts into fun adventures for kids.
  • Set of 72 includes grasshopper, bumblebee, beetle, spider, dragonfly and caterpillar.
  • Counters come in six colors and are packaged in a reusable plastic tub.
  • Suggested activities included.
  • Also make unique party favors!
Price: $15.96

Some Customer Reviews

I love the different bugs and vivid colors of the bugs! They are a nice size for little hands. I'm looking forward to the many uses I will be doing with them in my class.

We are using this product in my class. We count them and sort them and the kids just enjoy playing with these bugs! Sturdy and yet not hard. Really bright in color.

I bought these for my 3 year old daughter and she absolutely loves them. They seem durable and are well made. There are so many ways to use them - sorting by color or bug type, counting, even doing patterns. The tub even comes with a little bit of info about each bug, so you can start teaching facts about the insects. Great buy!


  • Create interactive lessons and center activities
  • Add some fun and color to any math lesson!
  • Includes 72 Counters; 6 different colors and shapes
Price: $14.95

Some Customer Reviews

I ordered these for my daycare. The kids entertain themselves for hours.
My only dislike is that they are rubbery like thick erasers and not the hard plastic like the counting bears.
I guess I did not read the description. I assumed they would be the same as the counting bears.
The kids do not seem to care either way. So far none are broken and are holding up very well. I was afraid they would stick to the hair on the floor,(pets) but so far that has not happened. That makes me happy! :) 

 These counters are kind of rubbery, not a hard plastic like others I've seen. Not a big deal, but because of this, one turtle's neck didn't stand up to heavy play. They would probably be fine for supervised school use. 

Learning Resources Three Bear Family Rainbow Counters


  • Use for comparision counting sorting
  • Plastic bears in 3 sizes weights and 6 colors
  • Includes storage bucket

Some Customer Reviews

These bears are wonderful! The kids at my house loved them! We would have school time on the floor and the kids, ages 10 months to 4 years, would all sit quietly whenever they saw I had the bears.
We counted the bears, we discussed the bear's colors, we discussed the bear's sizes, we sorted the bears, we made patterns with the bears, we discussed similarities and differences with the bears. You name it, we did it with the bears, and I had the kids rapt attention the whole time, especially as they knew right answers "won" them bears. I would give them a bear to hold for each right answer. After I finished the lesson they could play with their bears for a few minutes and then help me put the bears away by color, or by counting as we put them in the bucket, or in a certain order, etc.
The bears are well made, there is nothing on them to break. The bears are small so close supervision is a must with these! We only used the bears during school time so they stayed very special to the kids.
I love how the bears are weighted, they will be valuable teaching tools for a long time! Add the bears, put the bears on the scale and weight them, simple algebra, how many baby bears equals the weight of one papa bear? 

I could take one star off because stepping on them hurts just as bad as stepping on a lego, but that wouldn't be fair. My three year old loves these bears. She had a little trouble distinguishing between the red and orange bears as the orange bears are very red-orange, but now that she's had them on month or two, she knows the difference. She will sort them by size and color. We make patterns and use the Learning Resources Sorting Bowls for sorting by color. I love that they are weighted so that we can later bring out the scale and this can grow as a math manipulative with her.

We purchased these, the scales, the pattern cards, and the sorting bowls. The bears are really cute. Both of my kids (3 & 4) enjoy these! My 3 year old (just turned 3,) mainly sorts them by size and color, but my 4 year old loves the pattern cards, and is capable of doing much more with them than expected. Having purchased the scales, I love the fact that the company thought far enough ahead to weight them somewhat precisely. These are durable, and great for either pretend play or to use them for what they were designed for. --Just as a note--I don't know if a four color family set even exists, but just for reference, the pattern cards only use 4 colors, not 6 as are included in the bucket.

Learning Resources All About Me Family Counters


  • Meet a real multi-tasking family of manipulative
  • Help young children learn all about themselves and their families
  • Also great for counting, sorting and patterning
Price: $18.58

Some Customer Reviews

I love that the possibilities seem endless. No annoying batteries or flashing lights. Just a ton of the little figures to work with math, patterns (set up a pattern and see if your child can guess the next in the series) or just plain play with them. They seem surprisingly durable and they come in a nice container to keep them in. Great item and I would definitely buy them as gifts.

The Family Counters were sent to us to review and we love them! They are great for exposing early math skills such as colors, patterns, sorting and counting. I love the different attributes of the counters, especially the bright colors! We have always used counting bears and I love this new addition to our early math manipulatives!

The All About Me Family Counters come in a set of 72 manipulatives to help kids Pre-K and older to learn about families. The Counters come in all shapes and sizes with the tallest being 2.5". You can help your child build your family and I love how they include cats (yeah!) as well as babies that can be held by parents. The different colors and patterns are also great with patterning and sorting games. Learning Resources also put together several activities young children can do with this set on their website. As always with Learning Resources, it is another great tool for hands on learning!
Learning Resources Bean Counters Set of 200


  • Terrific for modeling math concepts, including introducing probability
  • Set of 200
  • Grades K+
Price: $9.88

Some Customer Reviews

 You can buy these cheaper some places, but a lot of teacher stores do not keep them in stock so I ordered from here. 

 My Kindergarten students love using the math beans for addition games. 


  • Reinforce counting, sorting, patterning, colors, matching and more
  • Includes 5 animals - cow, horse, rooster, pig and sheep in 6 bright colors
  • Includes storage bucket and activity guide
Price: $17.10

Some Customer Reviews

My 1 1/2 and 2 1/2 year old kids both love these animals! They play with similar bears at Sunday School, so I thought they would be fun for a long road trip. The kids loved them! I was a little disappointed to find that they are hollow, and not solid. However, the kids found it fun to stick them on their fingers and play with them that way.
Kids love it! They are able to count by animal or just count them. I would recommend this to others.
My son and I really enjoy using these to help in learning his colors, animals, and even math. They fit snugly on my fingers, and are perfect for his 2.5 year old fingers. He loves playing with them (and I think he doesn't realize we are actually using them for their educational value).

  • PreK & up
  • Includes 6 different vehicles in six colors
  • 72 pieces
Price: $16.54

Some Customer Reviews

 I ordered this product for my toddler class and they absolutely love them! Now I know this product is not recommended for children under 3, I used it with toddlers under my constant supervision. This product has provided several great learning activities and experiences. I highly recommend this product!!! 

As described and perfect for my special education class. Sort by color, number, shape, OR land/air/water vehicle. Enough so each student can ask for their own to hold while we talk about them. Arrived in 2 days too!

These counters are great quality. but they did not meet our main goal: I wanted a set of interesting counters to do patterns (red truck - blue truck - red truck - blue truck - what's next? etc.), but I cannot do it with one set of these counters, as there are ONLY TWO vehicles of each type (same shape and color). I wish there were fewer types or colors, so I could do the patterns with one set only.

Teacher Created Resources Transparent Counters (20645)


  • Each measures 7/8" diameter
  • Comes in a resalable storage bag.
  • Teaching tips are included.
Price: $9.71

Product Description

 Includes 250 transparent counters: 25 each of yellow, blue, brown, orange, red, purple pink, gray, green, and clear. 

Learning Resources Wild About Animals Jungle Counters


  • Set of 72 counters come in 6 different shapes and colors.
  • Animal figures include giraffe, crocodile, hippo, monkey, lion, and elephant.
  • Includes a storage bucket and Activity Guide.
Price: $17.01

Some Customer Reviews

 Fun and colorful shapes! I have a class of four year-olds. We used them for counting, sorting, patterns, simple addition, simple subtraction, and for point keepers in games. So glad I got them! 

Love this new set for 2014. Maybe the cutest yet! But I need two of these sets for my class... wish they came with more. But the kids love them!


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