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If one needs to buy maths board games then generally people head to amazon or ebay.But buying from amazon isn't always a good idea.Sometimes other platform offer better board games at fraction of a price.So if you want to buy math board games then buy it from here. After getting quite a few recommendations on Twitter I decided to buy it myself, just to check it out and I must admit that I have been pretty impressed with what I have seen.

The specifics of this math board game is given below:

Name: Making Math More Fun

You Receive: 4 Math Board Games Book (Printable)
(over 450 pages of games,including card games,print and play worksheets etc)

FREE Bonus: 4 Bonus Books i.e.
  • Wiggle Wiggle Wink Wink Classroom Games,
  • Robot Reader Reading Games,
  • Print and Play Games Masters,
  • Make Your Own Board Games
Price:  $27.97 (NOTE: There is a 60 day 100% Money Back Guarantee With This Product)
(All in all you will receive 9 books consisting of maths board games.i.e. (4 +4) +1 mystery gift)

450+ pages of games which includes Printable Math Board Games, Card Games, Print and Play Game Worksheets etc., all at a price of $27.97.Now that's a deal. You wont get a similar deal on Amazon.Besides, its not about quantity but quality.All the games have been designed very intelligently so as to sharpen the mathematical skills of your kid.

Description of this Maths Board Game:

Before I dive into details of this math board game, let me tell you that once you buy this math board game, you will get a book containing ideas on how to create your own math board games for your students/kids just at the cost of paper and lamination.Will it not be great if you could create games for your kid all by yourself.Just imagine the flexibility you would have.You wouldn't have to hunt around looking for that perfect game for your kid.Now with that said, let look at whats more you are going to get once you buy this math board game and what corresponding math skills your student/kid would acquire once he completes the game.

You would get the following different series listed below (in no particular order):

Series Name Skills Your Kid Would Acquire
3 Race to the Flag Board game He will learn to compare numbers to 100(with the 1st race game),1000(with the 2nd race game),10,000(with the third race game).
True or False Mini Mouse Multiplication Basic multiplication skills.
Shape Race Board Game Basic shapes(triangle,square etc.)
2 Sets of Build A Pyramid Game Cards He/She will learn place value to 100(with the first set) and place value to 1000(with
the second set)
Lightning Race Board Game Basic addition and subtraction facts.
2 Pairs Board Games He/She will learn addition to 14(with the first pair) and addition to 100(with the second pair)
True or False Mini Mouse Multiplication Game He/She will get some multiplication practice with it.
2 Spot the Difference Board Games Will learn some basic subtraction stuff.
3 Star Struck Board Games This module aims to teach addition, subtraction and division.
Odd and Even Tag Board Game Aims to teach them to differentiate between even numbers and odd numbers.
Forty-Five Board Game It lets your kid practice addition upto 45.This is just a revision series as your kid will already be an expert in addition to 100 after playing the 2 Pairs Board Games Series(the second pair).
Smiley Board Game Aims to teach counting numbers to your kids.
Division Dice Board Game Will aim to teach division ,a bit advanced(tough ones) than the one in 3 Star Struck Board Games.
Remainders Board Game Aims to teach division with remainders.
Multiples Board Game Will help your kids understand and master multiplication as well as multiples of numbers.
Stars and Moons Multiples Board Game  Will help your kid revise multiplication he learned while playing Multiples Board Game.
Line of Three Board Game This one module mixes up addition subtraction,multiplication,division,multiples all in one module.Its aim is to make your kid revise what he has learned by now.
Rows and Columns Board Game Not directly related to mathematics but helps in developing your kids general
cognitive ability.Very Intelligently Designed.
4 Different Covers Board Games Basically serves as a practice worksheet for your kids after he has learned his lessons.
Covers Fractions Board Game Aims to teach your kid basic fractions.
Covers Percentages Board Game Teaches your kid basic percentages.Another absorbing module.

Just look at the variety this maths board game offers.After reading till here, it is quite apparent that you are in for a real deal here. There isn't another maths board game on the Internet which is so intelligently designed and offers so much of variety.

So do not waste any more time and get this game now.

You also might want to see some samples of this game before you decide to buy it.So below, I have listed some in-game samples for you, which will help you decide on this maths board game a bit better.

Samples Of This Maths Board Game:

Now that isn't it yet. You will get more with this math board game.So keep on reading.

The one discussed above just lists what your kid will learn while playing games contained in the first book.There is still 8 more books of game left to play. So now lets discuss what more can you get, when you finally decide to buy this game.

The second books contains the following series (and the skills your kids will acquire after completing it):

Series Name Skills Your Kids Would Acquire
Monster Symmetry Game Sheet Aims to teach him/her concept of symmetry.
Big One Wins Game Sheet Will teach your kid to compare numbers upto 99,999(WOW!)
Circle Rows and Columns, Rectangles, Two Square, Join Three and Square Off Game Sheets This again isn't directly related to mathematics.It aims to exercise your kids thinking ability and develop his strategical skills.
Roll and Write Game Sheet It aims to teach your kid how to read and compare 3,4 and 5 digit number.The last part also deals with a few 6 digit number too.
Higher or Lower Game Sheet This is another module which teaches number comparison.
2 Pairs Game Sheets  This aims to teach your kid addition but, there is a twist to it.This teaches no ordinary addition skills,but a few vedic maths tricks which will allow your kid to perform addition in seconds, literally.
Steps, Dice Fences and Triangles Game Sheets This worksheet is quite mind bending.If your kid successfully completes this worksheet without any external help, then be rest assured that you have an extraordinary talent in your house to nurture.Your kid is no ordinary one.
Three in a Row Game Sheets This is another practice worksheet aimed at practicing addition and multiplication.
Full House and Throw Three Game Sheets This series again teaches a few addition tricks(the vedic way) to get addition done pretty quickly.
Multiples Path 1 and 2 Game Sheets It aims to test multiplication skills of your kid.
Battleships and Pirates Game Sheets Aims to teach basic geometry  co-ordinate system.One of the very interesting modules.
Tic Tac Toe Game Sheet Nothing fancy. Pretty self explanatory!
Race the Clock Games Sheet  A time driven fun game.Will test your kids addition and subtraction ability.
Surround and Number Dots Another module to test quick addition skills of your kid.It is basically a revision of what your kid will learn in the 2 Pairs Game Sheets module.
Twenty-Seven Game Sheet Interesting game, based more on luck than skills.

This is what you will get and your child will learn when you buy this math board game.But that's not all, I have just discussed the contents of 2 books, whereas in total you are going to get 9 books. Yes a complete package of 9 books all at a price of just $27.97.Now you can go to amazon and look for similar games but I can assure you that you will not get any math board game which can beat this one, both in quality and quantity.

So I suggest that you go for this game without any worries as there is a 60 days full money back guarantee (and you do not even have to return the game back),So there is nothing to loose.

In order to get this math board game now, click here.


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