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Math Worksheets especially the FREE ones are floating all across the Internet.You can get laws of exponents(power) puzzles,brain teasers,fun riddles(algebra with pizzazz),crosswords etc.But will you get a printable workbook(with answers)  where kids can practice addition,subtraction,reading and writing skills.Maybe.But what you won't get on Internet is mathematical worksheet which is tailor made for 3-6 year olds.These are the tools which teachers around America use to develop cognitive abilities of kids when they first show up at school.But the best time to teach this stuff is when the kid is around 3 years old.A research shows that a child can learn and assimilate much more information when he is in between 3-6 years.The learning rate is exponential.Most of the teachers know this fact and that is why the resource which I am going to discuss in this post is so popular all across U.S.A.

David Dolphin Worksheets for Preschool popularly known as Dolphin Worksheets Series is what I am talking about.The entire series is divided into 3 parts i.e. workbook for 3-4 year old,4-5 year old,5-6 year old.If as a teacher you are targeting a certain age group go for that particular worksheet.

The 3-4 year old workbook contains about 117 worksheets.Some of the subjects covered in this workbook are counting numbers,general knowledge,learning shapes,perception etc.Similarly the 4-5 year old workbook contains 115 worksheets.Subjects covered in this set are basic mathematics,reading letter and words,Drawing etc.Again the 5-6 year workbook which contain about 145 worksheets covers addition,subtraction,laws of exponents,pattern,learning to write etc.

This worksheet is a complete package and the one you will ever need as a teacher for preschooler.Besides you are going to get 5 amazing bonuses with this worksheet.

So get it now below:


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