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Even your grade 3 kid has the potential to become a numbers wizard.The early years activities your child engages in defines the growth curve.So develop a culture of playing math board games,be it simple dice games,addition games,subtraction games,worksheets etc.

There are so many printable versions of math games,activities and worksheets available online.Anything which involve maths and is fun to work with will do.As soon as he/she masters one skill, move on to the next one.Start with the easy one like addition,subtraction and then gradually move on to the difficult skills like fraction,decimal etc.

Scripting Success With Game Based Learning 

Nothing engages one's mind better than games.It helps in improving the concentration level of the player.That is why game based learning is being encouraged in schools nowadays.Various research has been done in this field and it has been proven that game based learning leads to better academic outcomes.

In a research conducted by University of Oklahoma,a posttest was given to the students after playing  a Massive Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG)  for 14 class periods over a seven week period.Results that came out of this research showed that for every minute a student was engaged in playing the game, posttest scores increased .11 points.You can read about this research in details, here.

Several other studies done in this field have proven that game based learning improves the concentration of the player as it requires the player to stay focused for a longer period of time and this directly impacts the grades obtained at school.

Choose the Right Math Game for Your Child

All games aren't created equal.I have experimented with various board games and found some of them to be extremely simple while some others to be too tough for a grade 3-5 kid.There aren't many math games around which maintains the perfect balance between being easy and being tough.So its important to choose the right math game for your kid.

I would recommend The Math Board Games Book if you aim to teach your child basic math skills like addition,subtraction,multiplication etc.The main reason I like this math game is because it maintains that "perfect balance" which I was talking about.The game begins on an easy-to-medium note and then the difficulty level increases in an incremental fashion.Your kid wouldn't suddenly feel overwhelmed.Let's discuss about this game in a bit more detailed manner.

The Game...

The Math Board Game Book will provide your child with 7 full color printable math board games which are ready to be printed.With these Board Games you can a play a total of around 32 different games.

You don't need to print a new game board for each game.Just print the 7 Math Board Games and you have 32 different games to play with.Its similar to those math worksheets which you can print and practice maths on.The 7 different board games aims to teach different skills to your kid.For example, Sea Time Math Board Game is designed to teach the basic stuff like addition,subtraction,multiplication,division etc.Similarly Monkey Race Math Board Game is designed to teach your kid how to compare different numbers.Again, Cars and Planes Math Board Game will teach the complex parts like Percentage and Average.The idea is that once your child completes a certain math board game he/she will be mastering the skills associated with that particular board game.

Though each game is quick and easy to learn but still a fully featured instruction manual is given alongwith the game which contains easy to read instructions.But through my personal experience I can tell you that your kid wouldn't require to read the instruction manual as the game is so intuitively laid out.Everything is pretty logical and clear.

Besides you are also going to get Math Practice Puzzles and Printable Math Worksheets as a FREE Bonus alongwith this game.

If you are serious about helping your kid with math then you must get them interested in the subject.What's better than a printable math game to get them going.

So download this game now and let your kids reap the benefit that comes with it.


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