Making Maths More Fun Review

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Making Maths More Fun by Teresa Evans is quite different from other games which I have experimented with and reviewed.It is different in the sense that it has been designed to be interesting.Most of the kids do not find math lessons interesting.But they do like playing games, so what Teresa has done is that she has combined maths with games and thus 'Making Maths More Fun' was created.

Making Maths More Fun is a collection of Four Books which includes Printable Math Board Game, Printable Worksheets,Card Games etc.But that's not all.You are also going to get 4 FREE Bonus Books which consists of 4 more printable maths board games.And along with these 8 books you will also get a FREE mystery gift. I was pleasantly surprised when I received this mystery gift because I didn't expected it.I am not going to spoil your surprise by revealing what that mystery gift is.But all I will say is that 'Expect the un-expected'.

So all in all you will get 450 pages of printable math board games for your kid.That's a lot of games to keep your kid happy.And the best part is that he will learn the basic mathematical skills while playing these games, without even realizing it.

Teresa has done a terrific work with this entire game.series.Your kids would learn the basic mathematical concepts like addition,subtraction,multiplication,division,fractions,percentages etc. while playing these games.The games in itself is very addicting especially the 'Battleships and Pirates Game' (you can find this game in the 'Making Math More Fun
Print and Play Games Sheets' Book).The best thing about this game sheet is that it is aimed to develop strategical thinking skills of your kid.This game package does a good job in self-motivating the kids,who will want to learn more and more, just to be able to win at different games.A perfect product for teachers, homeschoolers as well as parents.

Another thing worth mentioning is this review is the book called 'Math Games Ideas'.This book is not for the kids but for the parents/teachers.This books will show you how can you create your own games easily just at the cost of paper and lamination.This book has provided me with some very valuable insight on how can you create games which is specifically tailor-made for your own kid.So let say that your kid is good at addition,subtraction and division but he needs to improve his multiplication skill.So you as a parent/teacher can design your own game(with the ideas given in this book) which puts more emphasis on multiplication.The best part is, creating games from scratch is very easy, using the ideas in this book.I myself managed to create a game where major stress was put on division with remainders, and it took me just about an hour(45 minutes to be precise) to do it. I have to admit that after I bought this game package, I never felt the need to go out looking for another printable math board game.

So I for one would definitely recommend you to get this game for your kid as it is a complete package which you wouldn't find anywhere else.

Oh yes and did I tell you that you will get a 60 day 100% money back guarantee when you buy this game.So if you do not like this game for some reason then you can definitely get your full money back and Teresa does not even ask back for the game.Yes its true, you keep the game with yourself and still you get all your money refunded.But I am quite sure that you can't help but love this game.

So order this game now.


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